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Pictures, videos, maps, descriptions, panoramic views, reenactment by compurer generated images will enable you to find out and learn about each secrets of this unique territory.


Discovering North Cantal heritage directly from your home is great, on-site with our different tours is even better. Our plans are compatible with all means of transport : by car or bicycle. The tourist office also offers rental of electric bicycles, the ideal partner for a ride in North Cantal.

5 Discovery tours

Discover the Richness of North Cantal thanks to the 5 cultural visiting tours available.

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Reenactment and videos

Some reenactments by computer generated imagery are proposed to travel back in time and various videos and interviews are available to tell you about our heritage.

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See in another way

The exceptionnal panoramas of North Cantal will let you learn everything from the heritage by it’s augmented reality module, an actual digital viewpoint indicator.

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Making you know about the heritage and the environment, providing touristic informations, guiding you all around the territory… Cantal Explore brings you all kinds of functionalities.

  • Illustrations

    Hundreds of pictures, illustrations and archive images will help you to learn about our heritage.

  • Maps

    A map gathering all routes of proposed tours, whether on foot or riding a bike; and the whole of interest points on the territory will make it possible to find your way and not miss anything.

  • Computer generated imagery

    Hear the train whistle where it stopped coming by 10 years ago, rebuild a demolished castle, make a stained glass come to life, or see the geological creation of Cantal thanks to Cantal Explore.

  • Augmented reality

    To know everything about what’s surrounding you.

  • Tourism

    Looking for a lodging, a restaurant, whatever activity or event next to you? Find all that you need!

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Cantal Explore : TOURS



Historic heritage

Discover the historic heritage of North Cantal on a journey across castles, ruins and medieval villages.



Natural heritage

Take a deep breath and travel among lakes, waterways and the glacier-formed landscapes typical of North Cantal.



Industrial heritage

Let’s find out the industrial heritage of North Cantal territories with this tour elaborated around the head pit and various art works (dam, viaduct).



Religious Heritage

Discover the religious heritage of North Cantal on a journey across churches holding roman treasures, legends and architectural features.

Tablet rental

You don’t have tablets at your disposal? Our tourist offices makes possible to rent your tablet. Consider hiring an electric bike for an exceptional journey in North Cantal.


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  • A tablet is enough for a group
  • iPad with a car charger
  • Access to the whole content of the app
  • Rental available in our front desks : Champs Sur Tarentaine / Marchal, Saignes and Ydes.

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All you can see and do strolling around with Cantal Explore.

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Learn about the last news, tours and functions of your heritage digital guide Cantal Explore.

Nouveau circuit Cantal

Nouveau circuit

20 juin 2014

Un cinquième circuit "Best of" vient compléter les 4 précédents. Vous retrouverez dans celui-ci les meilleurs sites des parcours Histoire, Industrie, Église et Nature rassemblés en un seul itinéraire. Lire...

La vidéo promotionnelle

La vidéo est en ligne !

30 juin 2014

Visionnez le film promotionnel de l'application Cantal Explore pour découvrir un apperçu des possibilités de ce guide numérique du Nord Cantal. Lire...

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